What is GSM?

Gram per square meter. Gm/2

Explain it.




Gram per square meter. Gm/2

 How to check fabric GSM?

Suppose we have no gsm cutter.

We take 5 PS sample fabric 12 cm length and 12 width from fabric different area.

Now we need to weight it.

As like 1.89, 2, 1.8, 1.88, 2 gm

Average weight (9.57/5)=1.9gm.

                                  Sample fabric area


BRA Line layout process:

  1. Insert ring slider solder make
  2. Center make
  3. Tricot attach
  4. Neckline join
  5. Outer busting
  6. Extra edge cut
  7. Wing bottom elastic join
  8. Wing top stitch with loops
  9. Center join
  10. Back wing with mark
  11. Label attached
  12. Armhole elastic join
  13. Armhole elastic top join
  14. Wire channel join with insert wire
  15. Hook and eye join
  16. Locking
  17.  Shoulder tack at apex point
  18. Bartack wire loops and apex point

Packing method:

  1. Garments receive from sewing section
  2. Body ironing
  3. Garments supply to module for production
  4. Accessories receive from store
  5. Starting table production
  6. Set Pack ratio assort/blister
  7. Cartooning.
  8. Inspection by qc
  9. Prepare for shipment
  10. Shipment

Final Measurement Chart for Bra/Bustier/Three-in-one

  1. upper cup edge (incl. wire)
  2. seam cup width   (incl. wire) 
  3. upper CF width   
  4. height of gore  (to low picot) 
  5. length of upper wing (excl. back SSB)     
  6. length of armhole(incl. wire  and to seam)    
  7. underbust relaxed (incl.1st hook)   
  8. underbust streched (incl.1st hook)
  9. side seam length (longer one)
  10. wire length
  11. wire casing length(outer)
  12. wire spacing length  (excl.bartack)        
  13. back scoop length  (incl.1st hook)
  14. hook &eyes width  
  15. front SSB (finished length)     
  16. back SSB  (cut length)
  17. back SSB finished length(incl adjust ment 5CM,and U scoop)  
  18. distance from 1st double line to Logo
  19. length of upper wing (excl. back SSB) 

What is shrinkage

Compression, shrinkage, contraction, contractility, retraction, abbreviation are similar word .

When we wash fabric then we see that its length and width is reduce, it’s called shrinkage
That why we need to test fabric before cutting.

What is quality?

Quality is a survey of fineness or success.

Quality is a symbol of a product Acceptance. Production unit produce their requirement product by following quantity on time. At a time must should be notify about the product quality. In a garment many kind of quality need to maintain separately. The main portion is: Raw-material, Operation, Finishing, Documentary, use instruction etc. All portion are separately discussed in below_

Raw-Material: To control garment quality, it’s strictly need to follow from raw material. Need to check and remove any kind of fabric fault (Color shade, fabric hole, oil spot, chemical spot, shrinkage, chemical behavior), Elastic fault (Elasticity, color spot, fineness), lace fault (Velly repeat, design repeat, color combination), Trims fault (Brocken trims, shape uneven, color spot, label info) & sewing thread (Color shad, strength, twist, yearn count).

Operation: Garments operational quality depends on material cutting & sewing. The Noteworthy fact in cutting time is fabric lot, fabric relax, cutting shape, bundling & reservation. In sewing observable fact is right way of sewn, follow of operational breakdown, skilled operate with attention, correct handling, correct tension, motion of machine etc. Mentioned all point need to strictly follow with full attention to produce attractive product.

Finishing: Finishing is a process after produce garment. In this process many kind of action required to complete. Such as ironing with correct way, folding as per instruction of buyer, hangering, tag attaching, packing & packaging with cartoon.

Use instruction: To keep sustain product quality with beneficiary satisfaction, need to advise about care instruction by attaching care label. Important massage is how to wash, how to dry, how to iron etc. This message is so much important to avoid the product destroy in using time.

Documentary: Style and order related all documentary need to keep correct way as per buyer instruction. This documentary are so many important for transport agency and marketing relevant people to circulate the product to beneficiary on time with correct way. This is an important part of buyer’s terms & condition, as the buyer keep their business data based on this documentation which help to get later response for any kind of warranty.  

What is production?

Production is a method to convert a raw material into a product or semi product.

In garments language production is an operation or method to convert different kind of raw material (such as: fabric, lace, elastic, trims etc.) into a complete garment. Total process of garment production can divided in three stage. They are pre-production, production & packaging.

Pre-production: Pre mean previous & production mean operation. That means being ready with total plan and get preparation by considering different kind of risk factor is the main thing of pre-production. In this stage required to prepare sample to analysis quality development, productivity development, wastage reduce, time consuming, operation sequence etc. Shortly can say that pre-production is a total package of plan with a practical experience based on sample.

Production: Production is an operation to convert required all raw-material into a product. For garment production required raw-material is fabric, lace, elastic, trims, sewing thread etc. These all raw material are use based on garments designer concept. First of all need to follow garment sketch & select required raw material & need to arrange accordingly. Then fabric & lace need to cut by following approved pattern then fabric cut panel are send to sewing dept. Sewing department collect fabric cut panel and necessary accessories & other element then start sewing to make a complete useable garment. After complete sewing, all garment are send to finishing department for packaging process by following buyer requirement. Mainly cutting & sewing process is the part of production. Another all process is supporting department or process.

Packaging: Packing is an important part of production unit. Packaging method are select by considering how to serve the garment to customer or final user. Ironing, folding, hangering, packing & packaging. Mainly packaging process are done to decorate the product & easily carrying or ship purpose to destination area.

Production concept = Collect raw-material →Cut & Sewn →Inspection→Packaging to ship.

What is garments industry?

Garments industry is a organization, which is allocated and capable to produce different kind of garment.

Garment is a complete dress or part of dress for human and industry is an organization or place, where any product or semi product can produce. So garments industry is an organization or factory, where different kind of garment can produce by using different kind of raw-material (Fabric, lace, elastic, trims etc.).

There are many kind of advantage of an industry. An industry mean well decorated organization with good place, required stuff, employees, machine, technology, method and so on. An industry is a center where buyers can come to order to produce their required product, suppliers can come to marketing their raw-material, employees can source their job & so many important activities are happen in an industry.

If an entrepreneur are maintain an industry, he can claim loan against any work order or factory improvement to continue the industry smoothly. Employees can take their salary by any bank. As a result bank can found huge client & increase different kind of transaction day by day. The banking system in a country are directly affected by their industry. Government also being beneficiary by getting tax & vat from banking transection.

An industry can easily produce quality full product by maintaining all kind of technical term. That is why buyer confidently can provide work order to produce their required garments or product. Regularly so many buyer are come & wish to get their product from small volume to large volume. As a result an industry can increase their produced capability & capacity regularly. For that thing, so many people can start their work in this sector by giving good bye their unemployment and make strong their families economic condition. Face of a country also get shiny to get this kind of industry.

At this moment their having 4560 garment in Bangladesh, where more than 45 lakh people are working as a regular employee directly. Huge number of people also working with this sector as supplier or customer. Day by day it’s getting increase & it will be continue……