Garment is a decorative element of human body, which is made by different kind of fabric by following designer’s concept.

There are so many thing by which we can decorate our body. Garments is one of them and it is most important element in civilized society. Now a days garment are using not only for fashion but also protect human body from many kind of trouble and accident. More than 3000 years ago were start to use formal garment instead of direct cortex. Those garment were made from natural fiber as like cortex fiber, dag etc. That was initial stage and were not fashionable as like modern garment. But that was more useful & comfortable than direct use of cortex. Day by day there happened so many improvement by maintaining comfortable, fineness and fashion. There are mainly three kind of fabric called-Weaving, Knitting & felting, by which can made different kind of garment for different season.

There are so many country, where producing garment for export to another country such as China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Viet Nam, Turkey, Indonesia & Cambodia. Now a days China going to close RMG sector & Bangladesh are going to be most exporter in world.

Bangladesh enter in RMG sector in 1972 & first garments industry was Reaz Garments Ltd. which was established in 1973 with export ambition. Firstly they export 10000 Pcs man’s shirt to franc in the year of 1978. Then “Desh Garments” was established in 1979 as a 100% export oriented garment in Bangladesh. At this moment there having 4560 garment & 45 lakh employee are working in this sector. Bangladesh are exporting more than 6.5 billion  All over the world more than 276 billion dollar’s garments are exporting from different country every year & day by day it is increasing highly.

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