Production is a method to convert a raw material into a product or semi product.

In garments language production is an operation or method to convert different kind of raw material (such as: fabric, lace, elastic, trims etc.) into a complete garment. Total process of garment production can divided in three stage. They are pre-production, production & packaging.

Pre-production: Pre mean previous & production mean operation. That means being ready with total plan and get preparation by considering different kind of risk factor is the main thing of pre-production. In this stage required to prepare sample to analysis quality development, productivity development, wastage reduce, time consuming, operation sequence etc. Shortly can say that pre-production is a total package of plan with a practical experience based on sample.

Production: Production is an operation to convert required all raw-material into a product. For garment production required raw-material is fabric, lace, elastic, trims, sewing thread etc. These all raw material are use based on garments designer concept. First of all need to follow garment sketch & select required raw material & need to arrange accordingly. Then fabric & lace need to cut by following approved pattern then fabric cut panel are send to sewing dept. Sewing department collect fabric cut panel and necessary accessories & other element then start sewing to make a complete useable garment. After complete sewing, all garment are send to finishing department for packaging process by following buyer requirement. Mainly cutting & sewing process is the part of production. Another all process is supporting department or process.

Packaging: Packing is an important part of production unit. Packaging method are select by considering how to serve the garment to customer or final user. Ironing, folding, hangering, packing & packaging. Mainly packaging process are done to decorate the product & easily carrying or ship purpose to destination area.

Production concept = Collect raw-material →Cut & Sewn →Inspection→Packaging to ship.

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