Quality is a survey of fineness or success.

Quality is a symbol of a product Acceptance. Production unit produce their requirement product by following quantity on time. At a time must should be notify about the product quality. In a garment many kind of quality need to maintain separately. The main portion is: Raw-material, Operation, Finishing, Documentary, use instruction etc. All portion are separately discussed in below_

Raw-Material: To control garment quality, it’s strictly need to follow from raw material. Need to check and remove any kind of fabric fault (Color shade, fabric hole, oil spot, chemical spot, shrinkage, chemical behavior), Elastic fault (Elasticity, color spot, fineness), lace fault (Velly repeat, design repeat, color combination), Trims fault (Brocken trims, shape uneven, color spot, label info) & sewing thread (Color shad, strength, twist, yearn count).

Operation: Garments operational quality depends on material cutting & sewing. The Noteworthy fact in cutting time is fabric lot, fabric relax, cutting shape, bundling & reservation. In sewing observable fact is right way of sewn, follow of operational breakdown, skilled operate with attention, correct handling, correct tension, motion of machine etc. Mentioned all point need to strictly follow with full attention to produce attractive product.

Finishing: Finishing is a process after produce garment. In this process many kind of action required to complete. Such as ironing with correct way, folding as per instruction of buyer, hangering, tag attaching, packing & packaging with cartoon.

Use instruction: To keep sustain product quality with beneficiary satisfaction, need to advise about care instruction by attaching care label. Important massage is how to wash, how to dry, how to iron etc. This message is so much important to avoid the product destroy in using time.

Documentary: Style and order related all documentary need to keep correct way as per buyer instruction. This documentary are so many important for transport agency and marketing relevant people to circulate the product to beneficiary on time with correct way. This is an important part of buyer’s terms & condition, as the buyer keep their business data based on this documentation which help to get later response for any kind of warranty.  

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