1. upper cup edge (incl. wire)
  2. seam cup width   (incl. wire) 
  3. upper CF width   
  4. height of gore  (to low picot) 
  5. length of upper wing (excl. back SSB)     
  6. length of armhole(incl. wire  and to seam)    
  7. underbust relaxed (incl.1st hook)   
  8. underbust streched (incl.1st hook)
  9. side seam length (longer one)
  10. wire length
  11. wire casing length(outer)
  12. wire spacing length  (excl.bartack)        
  13. back scoop length  (incl.1st hook)
  14. hook &eyes width  
  15. front SSB (finished length)     
  16. back SSB  (cut length)
  17. back SSB finished length(incl adjust ment 5CM,and U scoop)  
  18. distance from 1st double line to Logo
  19. length of upper wing (excl. back SSB) 

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